Motorhome Towing in Toledo, OH

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Motorhome & Medium-Duty Truck Towing

If your truck or vehicle leaves you stranded because the engine or mechanical system failure caught you by surprise, there’s no need to worry. Our tow trucks are always a sight for sore eyes, both because your ride has arrived and also because you know your vehicle is on its way back to optimal performance–that’s J&J Towing & Service Center. We’ll diagnose and fix any issues your vehicle may be having. We’re a highly experienced tow truck team with nearly 30 years of experience. That’s actually how we started our state-of-the-art facility – by providing quick and reliable tow truck service for all makes and models of vehicles. We’re capable of handling a variety of medium-duty truck sizes, including dump trucks, box trucks, ambulances, and RVs. We also specialize in equipment recoveries and classic/custom car towing.

Trailer Towing & Motorcycle Transport

A motorhome is your ticket to adventure, allowing families to take trips cross-country and to parts unknown. These journeys create a lifetime of memories that can only be interrupted by RV or motorhome malfunction. The one thing you can count on with your motorhome is mobility, but when the unfortunate happens and it’s in need of service, we’re the team to call! J&J Towing & Service Center in Toledo, OH is the towing service provider and auto service expert that is equipped to handle all of your transportation needs. You can trust our team to come to the rescue of your motorhome in a safe and timely manner. Remember you’re never stuck as long as we can get to you. Put us on speed dial as soon as you plan a trip through our area. There aren’t many towing experts that can handle transporting your motorhome safely, so there’s no need to waste time looking for better service. By the time it takes you to Google ‘best motorhome towing in Toledo’ we could already be on our way. That’s how quick and efficient our towing services are – we’ll see you before you see us.

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All motorists driving through the Toledo area should keep us on speed dial. If you should ever be in the unfortunate need of towing, our towing experts are just a quick call away. Save yourself unnecessary time and stress by using J&J Towing for any breakdown. We will pick-up your vehicle, rescuing it from the side of the road, and bring it back to our full-service repair facility to service your vehicle, no matter what condition it may be in. Getting your vehicle back in tip-top shape is our main priority so that you can get back to your trip safely. Our team of towing professionals can be reached at 419-476-0101 for immediate assistance. We’re always on standby 24/7 for local and distance towing services as well as trailer towing and motorcycle transport. We also welcome and service fleet accounts.