Roadside Assistance in Toledo, OH

For Lockouts and Jump Starts–J&J Towing & Service Center

Tire Changes & Tire Repairs

When your vehicle winds up with a flat tire or tire damage, rely on the experts at J&J Towing & Service Center to come to the rescue. Our team of ASE certified professionals is available to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible with tire changes and tire repairs. Any number of things may cause your tire troubles, including road debris, internal tire damage, or worn out treads. No matter what the cause, our Toledo, OH team is the one to get you safely back on the road. J&J Towing & Service Center is your go-to auto service facility, and we specialize in these types of emergencies. Our roadside assistance services will restore your vehicle to full operation. Whether it’s your vehicle’s performance that’s caught you off guard or it’s your own mistake that you need corrected, our team has seen it all. Rest assured that our team has your back, bringing with us all the necessary tools and equipment to get you behind the wheel and back in the fast lane.

Lockout Service & 24 Hour Local and Long Distance Towing

When you and your vehicle are miles away from home, there’s always a chance circumstances might call for roadside assistance. Getting locked out of your car can happen to the best of us. We’ve seen it a thousand times, and more importantly, we’ve fixed it a thousand times. The moment you realize that you’re unable to get back behind the wheel, the shock, anger, and anxiety may hit you. But this is no time to panic. J&J Towing & Service Center customers already know who to call – and they might even have us on speed dial! Because we’re available 24/7, we’re able to get you out of any unfortunate circumstance from lockouts to full-service towing needs. Don’t waste precious time searching for quality roadside assistance and towing. Know that motorists throughout the Toledo area are calling J&J’s in a crisis. Whether you need our team for a jumpstart, lockout service, or tire repair, we’re available 24/7 to come directly to you.

Call Us For Your Roadside Assistance!

Our team is on standby for any of your vehicle’s emergency assistance needs. The reason that you and your car are immobile or on the side of the road could either be the engine, mechanical, or electrical system. You need a crew that’s highly qualified and ready to handle any service needs that you have. Tires are a common malfunction with blowouts, flats, and slow leaks, and we can provide on-the-spot repairs and replacement. Give us a call today at 419-476-0101 to solve any roadside issue that you may have. Save time by keeping us on speed dial! You won’t have time to waste! Besides, if you already know how proficient we are in auto service and towing, it only makes sense that our roadside assistance is excellent too.